Health is probably the most important of the Trifecta points. It is because of health, more than any other reason, than the rampant destruction of our planet, and holocaust of animals is allowed to continue: more than anything else, I believe, in the name of the sacred nutrient: Protein.

vegan diets, are healthful, nutritionally adequate, and may provide health benefits in the prevention and treatment of certain diseases... [vegan] diets are appropriate for individuals during all stages of the life cycle, including pregnancy, lactation, infancy, childhood, and adolescence, and for athletes.

—American Dietetics Association


I show a picture of myself above, a vegan for four years and I think we can agree my muscles haven't totally dissolved yet. So, we have time to put the protein objections aside for a moment and look at some stats:



 • 600,000 people die of heart disease

 • 75,000 people die of diabetes

 • 128,000 people die of strokes

 • 500,000 people die of cancer


 • Heart disease is a dietary disease

 • Diabetes is due to fat consumption

 • Strokes are atherosclerosis in the brain

 • Many types of cancer prevention have been linked to lifestyle and diet


Forks over Knives is a titles to a documentary, and a good philosophy. It means the best way to deal with the developed worlds most prevalent diseases is with diet, not surgery.

The main point I want to make is that health is greatly influenced by diet. It is within your control. Before we find ourselves diving in too deeply into this popular topic: let us remind ourselves of how this fits into the big picture.


Since eating animals is unhealthy, it is therefore unnecessary. Remember that, it will be important later, for the full Trifecta effect.


It's widely believed that animal foods are not only a good option for well-balanced nutrition, but also that there is no equivalent in the plant kingdom to a number of substances found in animals; namely protein, calcium and B12.


Instead of disputiing those fallacies right here, I'd like to mention that in fact that in animal foods there are a few things that are not found in plant foods, they aren't protein, calcium and B12 though; they are cholesterol and saturated fat.

Heart Disease in WWII

This graph depicts the incidence of heart disease during a period of severe meat rationing, in Norway. In 1940, when the second world war broke out, the number of people who died of coronary artery disease plummeted. During war times people ate a much healthier diet because the extravagences of meat and dairy were severely limited.

Health Facts


In the popular media we always hear about reducing CHOLESTEROL and SATURATED FAT but we rarely hear these words associated with real foods, Like butter, eggs, meat, or to make it easy: ANIMALS


Contrary to popular belief the main driving factor in DIABETES is fat consumption, NOT CARBOHYDRATES. Fat lining the blood vessels prevents sugar from getting into the cells, and incites over production of insulin in the pancreas.


The World Health Organization classified MEAT as a TYPE 1 CARCINOGEN. The China Study, a monumenta Cornell University research project directly linked animal protein to cancer growth.


EATING ANIMALS  is not just not healthy it is TOTALLY UNHEALTHY


Remember, from the EARTH article, there is no benefit ecologically to getting calories from animal foods. They're not only unhealthy, they're destroying the planet.


Eating animals is destroying the health of all who eat them in many ways. By lining their arteries with cholesterol, by acting as a carcinogen and causing cancer, and by  causing TYPE II diabetes animal foods are threatening their consumers quality of life.

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