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—Alan Watts

I know plants have feeling too, but I'm still Vegan because animals scream louder than carrots


I'm not here to guilt trip you. Well, actually, yes I am. The thing is, it's not a dirty trick to incite guilt where it is due. The issue with guilt-tripping, the way I see it, is that it's used as a weapon in some cases, to get people to do what you want. Vegans aren't on the menu, so as a Vegan it's not my wishes I'd like to speak to. It's their wishes. They may not write about it: but they don't want to die.


"Plants have feelings too" is a prevalent but weak argument, many use to justify eating animals. The issue comes down to something called sentience. The reality of plant's ability to perceive pain and avoid it is apparent. Sentience is the ability to process information, such as pleasure or pain.

sen•ti•ent |ˈsɛntɪənt, ˈsɛnʃ(ə)nt|


able to perceive or feel things

It may be true that plants are aware of their surroundings (much more than we commonly think) bu the science is clear at the animals and plants' perceived reality is vastly different.


This well-understood fact is reflected in the laws and penalties both for the mistreatment of people [sentient animals], pets [sentient animals], and plants [inanimate objects].


No-one has or ever will be put to death or jailed for life for cutting down a tree.


Animal foods

In a less ego-centric way, animal agriculture negatively effects humans lives by making scarce the very food they require to survive. Grain, enough to feed the entire population of malnourished humans on the plant, is fed to livestock every year. This flagrant, enormous, embarassing waste of resources is a mockery to what we call 'humanity'—it's not humane. Ms. America's greatest wish is to solve world hunger—every year—and yet we continue to waste grain to feed to cattle.


The cold-hard numbers show, as we know from the trophic levels of any ecosystem, that this is a despicable waste of calories. The most atrocious part of the whole system is of course that...

There are two ways in which animal agriculture directly reduces the quality of human life. The first negative effect is on the body of anyone who chooses to eat foods derived from animals: chicken, pig, or cow flesh; eggs, milk, diary, cream or cheese. These foods, universally, have negative impacts on the health of the person who eats them.

There are no nutrients found in animals, that are not found to equal or better avail in plants.

—T. Colin Campbell



Killing animals is objectively wrong, because: animals are sentient; their consumption destroys the health of the consumer,  and feeding them grain is a waste.

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